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New Zealand has emerged as an attractive destination to live and study, with a high-ranking education system and welcoming environment. Students choosing New Zealand should be doing so with the primary intention of studying. Students need to come financially prepared to maintain their stay. They should also commit to undertaking their own due diligence on education providers and programmes they are interested in. Students who are successful in New Zealand are focused on their study and the qualifications that will set them up for their future. 

 Detailed information can be found on the New Zealand Government’s Study in New Zealand website and more information is provided below.

 Choosing an education provider

Students should take advantage of the various information channels available to choose an education provider and should not rely on one single source. Students should consider a range of aspects including an institution’s New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) category rating, tuition fees, history and level of student recruitment in India, international accreditations, international connections including institutional relationships, testimonials of alumni, visa approval rates, and agent relationships.

Helpful Websites for Students:

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Education agents

Education agents can be a useful channel for providing you with information on studying in New Zealand. It is important that you do some research to be sure you are working with a good agent. Your agent should be knowledgeable about New Zealand and New Zealand international education processes including immigration requirements. Your agent should be up front about the service costs you will incur. Your agent should also recommend a number of institutions for you to choose from, not just one institution – agents receive commissions from the institutions that enrol students they refer.

Education New Zealand (ENZ), the New Zealand Government agency for international education, administers the ENZ Recognised Agents programme. The Study in New Zealand website lists a number of agents who are recognised by ENZ and who facilitate students from India to New Zealand.

Applicants should strongly consider using a Licensed Immigration Advisor, or Education New Zealand Recognised Agent, for assistance when lodging an application. Details can be found on the Immigration Advisers Authority and the Study in New Zealand websites.

The overall approval rates for education agents recruiting Indian students can be found on the Immigration New Zealandwebsite. Applicants may wish to consider this when choosing an agent to assist them with the lodgement of their Student Visa application.

Immigration New Zealand is committed to approving applications from Student Visa applicants who can demonstrate they genuinely intend to study in New Zealand, and can comfortably afford to do so. A checklist of requested documentation can be found on the Immigration New Zealand website.

Do not risk your future. Immigration New Zealand has a zero tolerance approach to fraud. All applicants should be aware that if they, their family members, or their agent submits any documentation that is false or misleading, this may lead to their visa being revoked and impact their ability to remain in New Zealand.

Education fairs

ENZ supports education fairs in India delivered by New Zealand Recognised Agents. The events are an excellent opportunity to speak directly with high quality New Zealand education institutions offering a range of programmes suitable for you. You can find more information about these fairs at https://enz.govt.nz/events/.

NZQA approved education providers

Only education providers who are approved as signatories to the New Zealand Government Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 are permitted to enrol international students. These providers are expected to meet certain standards in service delivery in accordance with the Code which is designed to support international students while they are in New Zealand.

NZQA places non-university providers (including Private Training Establishments and Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics) into one of four categories based on external evaluation and review (EER). EER produces two NZQA statements of confidence in a tertiary education provider: one about a provider’s education performance and one about its organisational self-assessment. The categories aim to improve education quality and performance. The categories are:

Category 1 is where a provider receives two Highly Confident judgements, or a Highly Confident judgement for educational performance and a Highly Confident/Confident judgement for self-assessment capability

Category 2 is where a provider receives two Confident judgements, or a Highly Confident judgement in self-assessment and a Confident judgment in educational performance

Category 3: is where a provider receives any Not Yet Confident judgement

Category 4: is there a provider receives any Not Confident judgement. These institutions cannot enrol international students

The NZQA website provides more information to support your decision in choosing an education provider in New Zealand. Students should try to focus on securing admission to Category 1 institutions only. You can search the NZQA provider register for detailed information on provider performance including their category ratings. Later in 2017 NZQA expects to also publicise statutory notices served on providers. These include any conditions or compliance notices served for poor performance or delivery.

NZQA: http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/  

Education NZ: http://www.enz.govt.nz/