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On the occasion of the 73rd Republic Day of India, and as part of Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM), High Commissioner Mr. Muktesh K. Pardeshi launched a booklet titled “101 Maori Proverbs” on 26 January 2022. It consists of 101 popular Maori Proverbs with Hindi & English translations. The sole idea behind bringing this Booklet out was to connect the people of Indian & Maori communities and highlight the similarities between these two cultures

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Mr. Rohit Kumar Happy, Editor,  भारत-दर्शन :: इंटरनेट पर विश्व की सबसे पहली  हिंदी साहित्यिक पत्रिकाhas played an important role to bring this booklet, translation & designing. Dr. Pushpa Bhardwaj Wood & Ms. Preeta Vyas also contributed to compiling & translating this booklet. It is available to download/read here: https://www.hciwellington.gov.in/.../1643095719101...

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